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Sioux is a highly acclaimed Japanese artist whose work captures the beauty and sensuality of the feminine form. Utilizing mainly watercolor and acrylic paint, Sioux meshes the boundary between art and fashion illustration, creating delicately expressive, multi-faceted artwork. She sublimates the experiences of daily life and creates an alluring world - fragrant and blossoming, at times beautiful, at times lovable. Expressions of sorrow, transparency of feelings, sex appeal and vivid red are all special characteristics of Sioux’s work, which can be described as modern day Bijinga.

Sioux’s work can be found in books, advertising visuals, on CD jackets, and the like throughout Japan, as well as on licensed products in the UK, such as greeting cards, stationery, gift bags, calendars, and watches. An exhibition of Sioux’s work was also held in New York.
Sioux is a member of "BlueRoses", a professional illustrator group and is the co-author of the book, “Girls Illustration Recipe” (July 2011).