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Itfs not simple rubber, itfs not EVA
Itfs the worldfs first foam rubber sole
"The Alternative Sole"

Lubba high performance footwear incorporates durable and light weight soles that are highly slip-resistant and gentle on both the body and nature.

1.8 Times
Anti-Slip Properties
Wet 3.0 Times
Dry 1.3 Times
Abrasion Resistance
2.0 Times EVA
1.5 Times Rubber

Imagine footwear that is extremely light with amazing sole cushioning that makes it feel like you are walking on clouds. Now what if that footwear was so slip resistant you could walk, or even run, on ice? Well, no need to imagine anymore.

The soles of Lubba footwear are made from the worldfs first foamed rubber. It is not only lightweight, comfortable and slip-resistant, but it is also very flexible and abrasion resistant. Whatfs the secret? For the most part, thatfs what it is. Whilst there are patents on the material and production method, certain parts are proprietary and kept that way for good reason. And, itfs not just the soles, the uppers of Lubba footwear use the finest materials and the shoes are created by experienced craftsmen and women whose only desire is to make that gsomething specialh

To see the models available, please visit http://lubba.co.jp